Grow faster with our tailored


Increasing the sales revenue with the help of Presales is not a rocket science but there are certain things to take into account.

In our workshops we take care of the topics which help getting sales on a fast trajectory.

Wether you want to stabilize and streamline your demo system, optimize the qualification process, create a repeatable POC scoping and execution flow, grow your team faster or all of the above – the School of Presales has you covered.

You want to take your startup to the next level and that means: Increase the revenue. After the initial success driven by the founders you now need to scale this. The specifics are different for each industry and each type of software you sell but the principle is the same: Hire the right sales executives and the right sales engineer, find out which approach sells best and gives you the best trajectory and then define ways that allow you to scale this while growing.

But that means also to adjust a couple of things to allow you to scale. Your processes work in general but need some adjustments to make them compatible with a bigger team.

This is where we help with the Presales team. Looking at the things you already achieved and work with you in individual 1 day workshops or a combined all-in-one workshop over 3-4 days. You and We will together:

  • Define a POC scoping and execution process which allows for fast onboarding and continuous success
  • Standardize and stabilize the demo without taking the oomph out of it
  • Find and onboard new team members fast
  • Streamline the qualification process

Grow faster with our tailored

Startup Workshops

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Proof of Concept Pro

If your startup suffers from one of those symptoms

  • Never ending POCs that bind valuable SE time
  • Low POC conversionrate: Less than 60% of them are converting into deals
  • The POC closes successfully, but the buying decision is never made
  • Your sales engineers are always fully booked and never available

then that means time of your valuable sales engineers is wasted in futile exercises.

Our POC Pro workshop helps you to maximise the POC conversionrate, get the most out of the SEs time, increase your sales numbers, make the quota for the year, and motivate the SEs.

In the workshop we’ll spend 1 day (8 hours – dividable into 2 sessions) to develop a concise POC process design that integrates tools, culture and technology. We will lay the foundation for a scalable, successful process that can grow with your team and make onboarding much faster. All the data and results will be collected on a canvas (tool of your choice, e.g. FreeForm, Conceptboard, Mural, Miro, etc.) that enables you to implement the process that is best for you. We will dive into the following topics

  • Scoping: Process and documents
  • Stages and CRM integration
  • Business Case based success criteria
  • Metrics, KPIs and control mechanisms
  • and more

Product Demo

The demo system is probably your most valuable sales tool but it is often neglected when it comes to upgrades, operations and addition of new features.

Coming from the system that was creagted by the founders or the first SE we need to establish a demo environment design that will be a rock solid foundation for growth. Reliable, revolving around your USPs and usecases, flexible but also providing guidance.

In the workshop we’ll spend 1 day (8 hours – dividable into 2 sessions) to develop a stable and reliable Demo structure that integrates story, presentation and technology. This will function as the foundation for a reliable, reproducible and flexible demo system that can grow with your product and provides a solid bedrock.

All the data and results will be collected on a canvas (tool of your choice, e.g. FreeForm, Conceptboard, Mural, Miro, etc.) that enables you to implement the demo that is best for you. You will NOT have a completely new developed demo system after this workshop, but you have a solid plan how to implement it. We will dive into the following topics

    • Story: Develop a foundation and guardrail for a demo which contains all USPs
    • USPs: Define must haves and bells and whistles of the demo system
    • System design – collect requirements and must have technologies that need to be implemented
    • Define the roles – operations, development, product management
    • and more
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Team Growth

Get a clear view on where and how to find the talent needed and how to best onboard them.

Check the onboarding process and add the missing blocks to get new talents up to speed in a breeze while your existing sales engineers have more time to do what they are best at: Business

Set up for scale

All-in-One Workshop

From scratch you created quite some revenue in a short time. You also have a team of superstars who know what they are doing. Now comes the tough part: Grow at scale. You cannot clone your superstars but you can clear a path for the next group of talents to take your startup to the next level.

In our growth workshop we’ll help you to set up your presales organisation for growth and repeatability.

The 3/4-day workshop covers:

  • Early qualification
  • Product Demo
  • Scalable POC Process
  • Team Growth

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