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Increase your startup success

How can Presales help to get more revenue / ARR? How can we increase the POC conversionrate? Together we identify areas for improvement and lay out a plan to exceed your revenue goals.



For those who know the basics and want to advance in what they do. Be it demos, POCs or team growth – we got you covered. Individual sessions to work with you on the subject you want to improve in.


Practice makes perfect

Become the expert in demoing, in POC execution and scaling or building a world class team. Masterclasses are the key for you to achieve that status that you want. 6 weeks with a group of 6 people max.


Create and Fix

You need a story for your demo? Your POC process doesn’t scale? You can’t find the right people to grow the team? We can change that together in one of our individual workshops, equiping you with a plan for success.

Team Enablement

Reliable growth

Many new hires but not enough time to get them off the ground? Let me cover the basics and ramp up your team with less time spent from your side so that the revenue keeps flowing while the team is growing.

Interim Management

Leadership on demand

You have good but unexperienced SEs but no leader, yet? We offer interim presales management to build cohesive, high-performing teams, driving revenue growth for companies for 6-12 month.


20+ years experience in growing startups

5 startups in 20 years with close to 6 billion USD in total value thaught me a lot. I built several Presales teams spanning EMEA in this time and know what to look for. This know how and expertise is available for your startup or your personal career development.
Boost your sales numbers, boost your salary, make an impact and ride a startup rocketship to the stars
In the School Of Presales anyone with a little bit of talent can learn the art of Presales.

Global Community

Join the crowd

In the community (paid membership, 14 day free trial) we are passionate about Presales as it is the foundation for successful sales, especially in B2B startups. And it can increase the revenue dramatically if done right. We bring together new sales engineers, Presales veterans with tons of experience and organisations looking to grow at scale.
Here you can:
– As a beginner: Learn the basics and get a headstart in Presales
– As a veteran: Share experience and deepen your skills around demoing, POCs, etc.
– As a teamlead: Explore paths to grow your team fast and scalable
– Practice, train, spar and test your skills in a safe environment

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