Lunch & Learn

The LunchSEon 24 is coming

This is the chance to enhance your Presales knowledge while enjoying your lunch.
The School of Presales is hosting the “LunchSEon 24” series of sessions in its community platform.
Starting from the 13th of February this year running until the 23rd there will be an online session at 12:00 CET about a specific presales topic. We are going to talk about sales targets, metrics, demos, POC handling, best practices, tools and probably more.

Ask the Pro

Learn from the best

Rainer Schuppe built and lead Presales teams for 5 successful B2B startups in the last 20 years.
He gained tremendous experience in scaling presales organisations in EMEA. And knows about the importance of customer success and that making customers happy is the key to a rapidly growing sales.
Take the chance to squeeze him for answers and advice during the LunchSEon event.

Go from Great to Awesome

9 Lunch Dates – 1 Goal: Advance

From February 13th to February 23rd 2024 we take a little bit of time each day to learn and discuss Presales for B2B companies. From basic sales techniques, via what is the best demo approach, how to manage POC cycles and scale them, to tools & best practices and visions of the future of Presales.

You can participate in the daily online events live or view the recordings afterwards in the repository of the space. 
The 1 year membership in the community allows you to access the online courses, the monthly and weekly events, like Demo Dojo sessions or “Ask me anything” meetings.

Meet mentors and coaches – experienced sales engineers guide and support newcomers. Sharing practical insights and offering career advice.
Get access to comprehensive training materials, courses, and workshops specifically designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a sales engineer.
Connect with community members to build a strong professional network. Networking events, chats, message boards and private groups connects you with peers, potential employers, and mentors.

Schedule and access

What and How

The LunchSEon 2024 membership gives you exclusive access to the event space and the School of Presales community as such.

Pricing Table

Join the Community


Event & Community

Exclusive access to the LunchSEon 24 area in the community.
1 year full access membership for 1 person in the School of Presales community.

  • Online Courses
  • Best practices
  • Library
  • Regular online events to enhance your knowhow or practice your skills
  • And much more

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